OUSC presents two surveys on Las Vegas to help gamblers find the best options for gameplay


LAS VEGAS (July 3rd, 2019) -- Considered the gambling capital of the United States, Las Vegas is THE go-to location for casino gaming. With over 42 million visitors annually, the city reports an average of over $1 billion in revenues each year from the industry. The city is home to 104 casinos for gaming, where players can find a plethora of slot machines, table games like blackjack, roulette and craps along with video poker. OnlineUnitedStatesCasinos, or OUSC for short, has created the ultimate guide to Las Vegas with information compiled via two surveys. By reviewing this info, players can easily find the best options for gaming in Sin City.

Two different surveys were completed by OUSC, one focusing on Vegas Blackjack and the other Las Vegas Casino Table Games. With the info included in the complete surveys, players have access to a directory that includes the best casinos as well as games in the region.

The Las Vegas Blackjack Survey covers all things blackjack. The game of twenty-one in Sin City is divided into two broad categories which makes it easier for readers to find the rules for specific games and preferred betting limits. The survey lists casinos based on rules or location, which makes narrowing down your choices for gameplay simple.

Las Vegas is huge, so knowing which casinos offer various types of blackjack is a plus. The survey breaks down the games based on location, with min and max bet info, house hold and number of tables, among other info. Having this information at your fingertips is essential to finding the best blackjack games while in Las Vegas. Using the survey is simple, just click on the region of Las Vegas or the game type to get started.

For the Las Vegas table games survey, OUSC has compiled information on 22 games that are found on the casino floor. Players can easily use the info to find craps tables, roulette games, baccarat and more. The goal to successful gambling in Las Vegas is to know your options. The table game survey provides rule info as well as betting limits so you can make an informed decision.

If you enjoy obscure games or want to try something new, the survey covers odd games as well. Find details on games like Crazy4Poker, DJ Wild, River Hold’em or Big Wheel, including where to find the games and betting limits. To search the survey, you simply need to choose the game type and you are taken to the details of the game, including where to find it.


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