New 14 Video LED Screens Measuring 11’ x 266’, 40 Surround Sound Speakers and Advanced Special Effects and Animatronics Fill The Roman Great Hall




Popular Free Animatronic Attraction Debuts Updated Look Late Nov. 2013




LAS VEGAS (Nov. 18, 2013) –   The fabled world of Atlantis rises again as the world-renowned shopping destination and home to more than 160 stores and restaurants, The Forum Shops at Caesars is set to reveal an updated take on its popular animatronic attraction The Atlantis Show in late November 2013. Long heralded as a “must see” and consistently named among the top free attractions in Las Vegas since first debuting in 1997, The Atlantis Show is an entertaining take on the legendary story of the ill-fated city of Atlantis. To modernize the show of epic proportions, significant changes to The Atlantis Show include enhanced visual and special effects, superior sound, updated costumes and advanced animatronics. For a look behind the scenes of The Atlantis Show, click here.




Located in the Roman Great Hall, the newly-renovated Atlantis Show incorporates video elements played out on gigantic 14 video LED screens that can combine to depict one continuous image. When working in unison, the picture is a massive 11’ X 266’ making it one of the widest screens in Las Vegas and among the largest worldwide.




The new sound system supporting the Atlantis Show provides a virtual experience that you can hear and feel. Thanks to 40 speakers, sound waves are felt as well as heard as the gods unleash their wrath in the animatronics extravaganza.




In a case of extreme sibling-rivalry, the 11-minute Atlantis Show tells the tale of Atlas and his children, Gadrius and Alia, who struggle to rule the undersea city.  Each large-scale animatronic character stands nearly nine feet tall, has thousands of moving parts and is covered in fully-articulating armor. To develop the dramatic character leather and metal costumes for the new Atlantis Show, The Forum Shops turned to Hollywood’s famed Sword & Stone –the legendary blacksmith company that has made arms, armor and props for more than 200 television shows and feature films including Pirates of the Caribbean, Thor, CSI and Criminal Minds.




“We are thrilled to reintroduce one of the longest running animatronic features in Las Vegas,” said Mark Bell, General Manager of The Forum Shops at Caesars. “No other indoor venue in Las Vegas has the combined special effects that are incorporated in the new Atlantis Show. A dazzling array of lighting, fire, water, sound, live steam and high pressure fog all combined in one place. It is truly an epic extravaganza. We know visitors to The Forum Shops will continue to seek out this widely-popular, free-attraction.”




Additional enhancements to show’s look and feel include a UV reactive element to the Rockscape which gives a magical light-reflective quality to the fountain façade. The volcanic special effects of the Waterfall and Rockscape build visual tension via a rising fireball as the show unfolds.




The Atlantis Show is free and plays daily on the hour, beginning at 11:00 a.m. Adjacent to the Atlantis Show is the Atlantis Aquarium. More than 300 unique species of tropical fish life can be found in the 50,000-gallon saltwater aquarium.