Lucky Day Weddings in High Demand at Flamingo's Garden Chapel

Las Vegas, Nev. - The number seven has long been considered lucky in Las Vegas. So, it's no surprise that 7/7/07 is being touted as the luckiest day of the millennium. Hoping to maximize on the luck of the day, couples from all over the world are planning to wed on this auspicious date. The Flamingo Las Vegas is making sure that couples who marry at the Garden Chapel have an extra special dose of luck. The popular wedding destination is hosting a whopping 77 weddings on 7/7/07.

"We wanted our couples to be extra lucky in marriage," said Kris Labuda, Flamingo Garden Chapel Manager. "This date represents good fortune and will be life changing for so many people. We thought we'd really make the most of the lucky number and are not only hosting 77 weddings but also using seven venues on our property, including a number of poolside weddings."

According to Labuda, this number of wedding ceremonies is more than double the number that is typical for this time of year.

"We are talking double the love and the logistics," said Labuda. "We have been gearing up for quite some time and intend to make each lucky day wedding memorable."

More than 90% of the couples who are planning to wed this date at Flamingo Las Vegas are coming in from out of town for their momentous lucky day wedding.

Couples who wed at the Flamingo Las Vegas will enjoy tropical garden chapels surrounded by wildlife, swaying palm trees and lush gardens throughout the fifteen-acre outdoor complex. Each venue provides a unique and exquisite setting for this special day.