LAS VEGAS – Debbie Psychopedas, 37, won $1,679,200 while playing a Wheel of Fortune® dollar MegaJackpot® at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino Monday.

The winner, a Stamford, Conn. resident, is a 15-year Golden Nugget patron and was vacationing at the luxury downtown resort when she hit the MegaJackpot® on her third spin. Psychopedas was playing the maximum bet on a $1 Wheel of Fortune® machine having invested a total of $6 when she hit the progressive payout shortly after 10 a.m.

“We’ve been spending one night at the Golden Nugget every vacation for the past 15 years,” said the excited winner. “For some reason, this time we decided to come for a day trip…it sure paid off.”

Psychopedas, an office manager, indicated that she loves her job and has no plans of quitting. Although she is still unsure about how she will spend the majority of the money, the new millionaire says she does plan to treat herself to a new bracelet.

Wheel of Fortune® slot machines are themed after the popular TV game show and follow the standard three-reel format and associated pay tables. The progressive jackpot is paid when all three reels stop on the Wheel of Fortune® symbol.

The Golden Nugget Laughlin recently had a similar win on a Wheel of Fortune® pennies MegaJackpot®. Tami Lynn Morrison, a San Dimas, Calif., resident won $1,165,954 while visiting Laughlin with her family for her father’s doctor appointment, Aug. 31, 2007.