LAS VEGAS (Feb. 2014) – On Wednesday, March 12, Andre’s Restaurant and Lounge’s popular Whisk(e)y Wednesdays returns. For 2014, Whisk(e)y Wednesday will now feature the “grand tasting” that will showcase two sessions: the first taking place from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. and the second tasting from 10 p.m. to midnight. In addition, Whisk(e)y Wednesday will take place every two months.

“We wanted to ensure our industry friends and colleagues would have ample opportunity to experience this incredible event,” says Patrick Trundle, beverage director, Andre’s. “Our guests asked for this new format and we listened.”

Whisk(e)y Wednesdays is the series featuring unlimited whiskey tastings and cigar pairings. The event takes place on the second floor of Andre’s, inside their signature Cigar Lounge. 

For March, it’s the pride of the Irish. Experts from Jameson will be on hand to walk guests through the flights. The lineup include Redbreast, Powers, Paddys and a new expression from Jameson:
  • Redbreast is produced at the New Middleton Distillery in Cork, Ireland. It is one of less than a handful of single pot still whiskey brands produced today, and is the only one with an age statement. The 12-year-old “expression” is 40 percent ABV (80 proof) and was proclaimed Irish Whiskey of the Year in 2010 by whiskey writer Jim Murray. Redbreast has also been nominated as the #1 buy in John Hansell’s Whiskey Buyer’s Guide, which gave it a rating score of 96 points. 
  • Powers: Originally a pure pot still whiskey, Powers is now a blended form of pot still and grain whiskey. It is the most popular Irish whiskey sold in Ireland (which says it all right there). Powers distillery was first established in 1791 and, by 1823, was creating the largest output of whiskey (33,000 gallons) around. A decade later, the distillery had exponentially expanded to approximately 330,000 gallons annually. As Irish history goes, it’s no surprise that John Power, the son behind this rapid growth, was knighted and later made High Sheriff of Dublin. Today, the whiskey enjoys more than 2.5 million bottle sales per year. 
  • Paddy’s is an 80-proof blended Irish Whiskey produced in Cork as well. It is Ireland’s third bestseller. Originally and simply named “Cork Old Irish Whiskey in 1877, it was the company’s salesman, Paddy Flaherty, whose sales techniques were so good that the whiskey was renamed in his honor, (Apparently our Paddy travelled all the pubs of Cork and bought drinks for the customers. Salesmanship at its finest!) Paddy Whiskey is distilled three times and matured in oak casks for up to seven years. Because of its high malt content, it’s considered one of the “softest” of all Irish Whiskeys. 
  • Jameson’s: As for the Jameson’s, a “new expression” will be unveiled that evening.
After the debut of this new flight of Irish whiskeys, the flight will remain on Andre’s menu until the next tasting at the beginning of May. 

As for the lounge itself – considered one of Las Vegas’ best kept secrets, Andre’s Cigar Lounge is the only one of its kind to be connected to a Strip resort. With a collection of more than 140 Cognacs, Armagnacs and Scotches, as well as premium cigar varieties, the collection is the largest of its kind in Las Vegas and is ranked third in North America based on its sheer size. Considered a “hidden gem” by those in the hospitality industry, the Cigar Lounge opened in 1996 along with the award-winning, AAA Four Diamond restaurant. The exclusive destination was created to serve as a respite for cigar aficionados who longed to have a place on the Las Vegas Strip where they could enjoy their smoke and soak in the ambience of an incredible atmosphere. Among the cigars - the Lounge’s most popular seller is the Montecristo No. 2. Another popular cigar is the Padron 80th anniversary 1926 Perfecto. Hand-rolled treasures also include Fuente OpusX and Ashton VSG. As with Whisk(e)y Wednesdays, all spirits can be paired with cigars.

The price is $35 per person. Limited seatings are available for each session. Reservations are recommended. For more information, please call (702) 798-7151.

The next Whisk(e)y Wednesday will take place May 7.

Celebrated chef André Rochat has enhanced his AAA Four Diamond restaurant by combining its original old-world charm with a modern twist to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. An eclectic approach on a classic, Andre’s meshes the finest style of dining with a comfortable, elegant setting. In addition to dining in casual elegance, Andre’s is home to an impressive cigar lounge, one of the only spaces on the Las Vegas Strip available to enjoy a fine cigar and rare cognac from his internationally famous collection. Honored with a prestigious Best of Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator, Andre’s Restaurant & Lounge at Monte Carlo has an encyclopedic wine list boasting more than 1,500 selections and an inventory of more than 12,000 bottles. For reservations or more information, visit online at or call the restaurant directly at (702) 798-7151.  Find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter (@andreslasvegas).