PRODUCTION INTRODUCED IRISH DANCING PHENOMENON TO LAS VEGAS STRIP LAS VEGAS-"Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance," which proved that Irish step dancing could be a consistent draw for visitors to Las Vegas, goes into its final week, ending its successful four-year run at New York-York on Sunday, July 28. The show will complete 1,560 performances and play to more than 1,248,000 people before closing for the Broadway Theater's renovation. When Flatley brought the show to Las Vegas, it had been successfully touring the world for several years. It was Flatley's belief that that phenomenon of Irish step dancing and his unique production and storyline of good vs. evil also could attract audiences from around the world from one location, Las Vegas. The long-term success of the show at New-York has proven him correct.

After its closing in Las Vegas on July 28, the Las Vegas "Lord of the Dance" troupe will continue performing, first in Canada, then join two other 'Lord of the Dance" troupes touring the United States and the world. Showtimes for "Lord of the Dance" at New York-New York through July 28: "Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance" at New York-New York are 7:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., Tuesday and Wednesday; 9 p.m., Thursday and Friday; 8 p.m., Saturday; and 7:00 p.m., Sunday. Dark Monday. Tickets are $59 Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Sunday, $68 Friday-Saturday. Prices include tax and handling fee. For reservations, call 702-740-6815 or 1-800-693-6763 or visit