Sunday, May 12th, 2002
Mother’s Day Buffet
Sunday, May 12, 2002
11:30 a.m. - 10 p.m.
$23.95 adults; $20.95 children 4-10 years old, plus tax

* Burgundy Station *
Roasted Leg of Lamb with Mint Jelly
Prime Rib of Beef with Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Jus Lie
Rotisserie Free-range Chicken
Veal Marengo
Portions of Seared Veal Served with Tomato, Mushroom Sauce
Pomme Lyonnaise
Sautéed Potato with Caramelized Onions
Sweet Roasted Ham
Seasonal Vegetables
Alsace Station
Saumon à l’Oseille
Seared Salmon with Sorrel Sauce
Chicken à l’Alsacienne
Braised Chicken with a Tarragon and Riesling Wine Sauce
Escargots Vol au Vent
Snails in Puff Pastry with White Cream Sauce
Seasonal Vegetables
Venison Stew with Sherry Sauce
Sweet Potato with Orange Glaze

* Brittany Station *
Dessert Crèpes with Variety of Sweet Fillings
Chicken aux Petits Onions
Braised Chicken in a Dark Red Wine Sauce with Pearl Onions
Roasted Duck à la Mandarin
Seared Muscovy Duck with Mandarin Sauce
Classic Mashed Potatoes
Flageolets Beans Paysanne
Braised Flageolet Beans with Variety of Vegetables
Seasonal Vegetables
Saffron Rice
Lobster Bisque
Cream of Asparagus

* Normandy Station *
Tilapia with Calvados Apple
Sautéed Tilapia Fish with Apple Brandy Sauce
Spinach Gratin
Lightly Steamed Spinach Baked in a White Cream and Cheese Sauce
Mussels Mariniere
Mussels Steamed in White Wine and Shallot Broth
Shark Filet Normande with Julienne of Vegetable
Roasted Fillet of Shark with a Saffron Cream Sauce
Seafood Quiche
Shellfish in a Savory Custard, Served in a Crisp Pastry Shell

* Provencal Station *
Seafood Bouillabaisse
Variety of Seafood Served in a Tomato and Fish Broth
Ratatouille Niçoise
Array of Vegetables Braised with Sweet Tomato
Beef Stew Côte d’Azur
Seared Chunks of Beef, Stewed in a Dark Meat Sauce
Tri-color Pasta with Asparagus Tops and Smoked Salmon
Rice Provençal
Rice Pilaf with Artichoke and Tomato
Mini Penne Pasta with Saffron Velouté and Red Diced Peppers

* Le Jardin *
Scallop Salad with Yellow and Red Tomatoes
Poached Bay Scallops with Yellow and Red Teardrop Tomatoes
Fresh Salmon and Potato Hash
Atlantic Salmon Oven-roasted with Red Bliss Potatoes and Green Onions
Tuna Salad Provençal
Albacore Tuna with Kalamata Olives, Onions, Tomatoes and Olive Oil
Marinated Seafood Salad with Green Beans
Shrimp, Calamari and Crab with Green Beans and Red Onions
Asparagus and Chicken Salad
Asparagus with Cabbage and Chicken, Tossed with Asian Dressing
Vine-ripened Tomatoes with Cucumbers and Red Onion
Old-fashioned Egg and Potato Salad
Marinated Shiitake, Morel and Domestic Mushrooms
Riso Salade
Rice-shaped Pasta with Vegetables and Vinaigrette
Smoked Salmon and Whitefish with Appropriate Condiments
Shrimp and King Crab Legs on Ice