Las Vegas, NV – June 17, 2011 V Theater is celebrating the 5 year anniversary of Stripper 101, the most popular pole dancing class in the world, June 23rd.

As seen on E! News, the “Kendra” reality show and in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Stripper 101 is the ONLY choice for your bachelorette party or ladies’ night out. The class was voted the #1 way to unleash your sexy side using real stripper poles, chairs, boas, high heels and drinks. It’s perfect for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

When you walk into Stripper 101, you’re greeted by experienced, friendly instructors - former Las Vegas strippers turned “soccer moms.” They will teach you sexy strip club moves, pole tricks… every seductive step to help you go from shy to OH MY! “What we like to focus on in Stripper 101 is all of the positives of being a stripper… the confidence, the exhibitionism, the beauty, the sensuality. There is no nudity, no men, just a group of girls dancing, laughing and having a blast in a safe environment,” said Kindra, a Stripper 101 instructor.

Each Stripper 101 class is approximately 75 minutes. After checking in, you and your friends will kick back and enjoy a complimentary cocktail at the Stripper Bar where we snap photos of your group next to our signature pole. This allows you an opportunity to loosen up and shake off those inhibitions before the real fun begins!

For more information about Stripper 101, go to or call 702.260.7200