LAS VEAGS, April 26, 2005 On May 3, 2005 the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino will temporarily close the Masquerade Village and the 39 through 51 floors of the Masquerade Tower as a staircase addition to the Voodoo Café and Lounge is airlifted by Helicopter 300 feet above the Las Vegas skyline.

From 7 9 a.m. on Tuesday, May 3, 2005 the completed 40,000 pound (20 tons) staircase, that will connect floors 50 and 51 outdoor patios at Voodoo Café and Lounge, will be erected and installed in three major sections.

The staircase, assembled in Grand Junction, Colorado, will be shipped to Las Vegas on May 1, 2005. Once the staircase is lifted up to the Voodoo Lounge, the complete installation will include demolition, structural steel erection, pouring concrete, painting, glasswork, lighting and other various operations. The work will take approximately eight weeks.

The new Voodoo Lounge stairs designed by Marnell Architecture to connect the Voodoo Lounge with the lower level Voodoo Café, is a sinuous, sexy, winding staircase that features platforms for go-go dancers on either side, and a DJ booth across from a special VIP seating area.

The curving architectural element will become the hottest place to make a grand entrance high above the city. It begins on the upper level, the Voodoo Lounge, and descends in a wild curve around the dance floor on the lower level observation deck outside the Voodoo Café. The open ironwork railing incorporates a number of intricate carved metal voodoo symbols for love, sex, and money, and the staircase is open to the sky from top to bottom. The descent, especially at night, is breathtaking.

The transporting of the major sections from the staging area at the Northeast section Rio's Pavilion parking lot, to the Masquerade Tower rooftop will be accomplished by means of helicopter lifts.

A comprehensive safety plan is being developed by Rio security, The PENTA Building Group and Erickson Air Crane to ensure all operations are analyzed and performed in the safest manner possible. A flight plan will be filed and approved by the FAA. Since all operations will be limited to the Rio property, CCBD or Metro involvement is not required.

Lifting operations will take approximately two hours. As the stair sections are placed on the rooftop, an ironwork crew in conjunction with the helicopter will fit-up the stair sections and weld the sections into place

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