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Celebrity Impersonators Walk the Red Carpet in Las Vegas Variety & Awards Show

HOLLYWOOD, CA - February 23, 2010 - Celebrity impersonators and tribute artists from around the world will be honored at The Reel Awards™, on March 4, 2010 in the Theater of the Stars Showroom at the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, 7:30 p.m., (the home of "American Superstars™").

Frequently dubbed as the "Oscars of the Tribute Artist Industry," this 19th annual gathering of dead-ringers and doppelgangers is a Facebook fantasy, complete with red carpet arrivals and a pre-awards party at 5:00 p.m., tourists snapping photos with their favorite "faux" stars, press interviews and news crews.

The Reel Awards variety show and awards ceremony offers mirror images of real celebrities. Scott Mason, as Dame Edna, will share the emcee spotlight. In the real world, Scott was recently selected as the "real" Dame Edna understudy for her new Broadway Show "All About Me!," with Michael Feinstein.

John Morgan as President George W. Bush and Dale Leigh as President Bill Clinton will co-emcee with side-splitting comedy and parodies of two of America's most memorable politicians. Morgan just returned from Washington D.C. where he was invited to speak at CPAC as a Bush double. Leigh made a cameo appearance as a Clinton double in the 2008 romantic box-office hit, "Definitely, Maybe."

The two hour, high energy variety show will include comedy, singing, dancing and impersonations laced with 16 Reel Awards. According to Janna Joos, the show's co-founder and producer, "The Reel Awards is our industry's salute to the hard work and talent necessary to succeed as a tribute artist. We give recognition to the outstanding individuals or groups who perform in the field of impersonation." Alana Joos, the other half of the sister act production team states, "In 1989 we got the brainstorm to start an awards show for impersonators. It began as a parody based on real celebrities, thus The "Reel" Awards. Over the past 19 years the show has become "real" and the art of impersonation has mushroomed into a multi-million dollar industry with tribute shows booked internationally, movie and TV spots, magazine photo shoots and guest appearances at special events. The industry as a whole is maturing."

The Reel Awards will feature stellar performances by some of the industry's top tribute artists as well as the winner of the Vegas Tribute Idol™ competition, held during the Celebrity Impersonator Convention March 2 & 3. Donny Moore, producer of "American Superstars," will be one of the "idol" judges, selecting one performer to be introduced Friday, March 5th with the cast of "American Superstars™."

The Reel Awards also features Suzanne Goulet, an illusion of the real Liza Minnelli, and Denise Rose as the reflection of Judy Garland, performing "Judy and Liza, Together Again." William Jansen, The Netherlands' own Julio Iglesias, Suzie Kennedy from the UK, as Marilyn Monroe, rapper JeRon Rayam as LL Cool J, Deborah Galan performs as the late Selena and Trina Johnson-Finn offers her vocal rendition of Whitney Houston. Blues Brothers tribute artists Eric Martin and Carmen Romano will rock the house and Sherie Rae Parker returns to The Reel Awards stage as Bette Midler. Sherie Rae is a previous "American Superstars™" talent and was also an original performing member of "Legends In Concert™". In a tribute to the late, Michael Jackson, Michael Firestone and six dancers will close the show.

For additional information and photos please visit the website at http://www.TheReelAwards.com

Show Tickets: $50 http://www.thereelawards.com/tra/buy-reel-awards-tickets-hollywood-tribute

Open to the public - Show Hotline: (760) 318-0460

The Stratosphere Hotel & Casino is located at 2000 Las Vegas Boulevard South. For more information, call 702-380-7777 or toll free at 1-800-99-TOWER (998-6937) or visit www.StratosphereHotel.com.