Experience food in a totally new and provocative way at Artisan Hotel Boutique’s Mood Restaurant.  The Eclipse Dark Dining Experience is a
two-hour adventure where patrons enjoy a three-course prixe-fixe “blind” menu. Keeping the guests “in the dark” about
the ingredients allows them to focus on tastes, textures and aromas and provides a beautifully unique food experience
unlike anything the rest of Vegas has to offer.  Guests may choose from one of four menus: Vermelha (meat-centric),
Azul (seafood-centric), Verde (veggie-centric), and Branca (chef’s mix).  The Eclipse Dark Dining Experience
premieres June 7, 2012 at Mood Restaurant, so seize this opportunity by making your reservation before space fills up
by visiting http://www.tasteinthedark.com.  Dining gets raised to a higher standard at Artisan.