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  1. Mothership, which opened its first store in Henderson about 15 years ago, has four locations across the Las Vegas Valley with a fifth on the way in Downtown Summerlin. It also has dozens of employees.
  2. A leading mobile gaming company has relocated to Las Vegas from California.
  3. The median sales price of a single-family home sold in the Las Vegas area in May was $442,120, according to a report this morning from Las Vegas Realtors. That’s a 2.8% increase...
  4. From the front desk to the last bed in the back, clients are met with a chorus of greetings from the staff as they walk through the Gold Soulz Tattoo shop off South Maryland Parkway.
  5. Joanne Vitale-Lenzie opened her online boutique, Whiskey Skies—named after her favorite pet goldendoodle—just as a way to sell clothes and make some extra money.
  6. In the Notes: Learning Education & Achievement Foundation, Accelerated Learning Academy, Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada and more...
  7. The U.S. banking system as a whole is an economic engine, with many pistons working simultaneously to power communities and our state.
  8. As the area continues to grow and more businesses move into the UNLV Harry Reid Research & Technology Park, it might come to resemble existing technological hubs, allowing gaming companies, casino operators and others to interact in a unique way.
  9. In the Notes: Mike Hnatuick, Stan Williams, Nicole Castro Zieba, Audrey Lee
  10. The annual Top Doctors issue of Health Care Quarterly recognizes some of the best doctors practicing in our region. Our goal with this publication is to provide a comprehensive list of peer-recommended physicians...
  11. The financial preparedness of new generations of adults in the United States has steadily declined since Generation X—the age group that preceded millennials—first came onto the scene, says Matt Bees, a Las Vegas-based senior financial adviser at Wells Fargo.
  12. Don’t try to pick individual stocks. Rather, buy an index fund. In the stock market, you compete with professional investors. How many of you want to compete with professional tennis players or golfers? If not, what makes you think you can compete with professional investors and win?
  13. Those older systems, with electricity largely delivered along above-ground poles and wires, still exist in older, more-established neighborhoods, places where no developers have come through over the decades and buried the lines...
  14. The Biden administration says it has completed a court-ordered review that should ensure construction continues at a Nevada lithium mine, despite legal challenges brought by conservationists and tribal leaders. At the same time...
  15. Robot servers who can dance, sing and say “excuse me” when people block their way could soon be serving you lunch with your coworkers or drinks with your friends, following the debut of the LOLA Matradee L.