Since the coronavirus outbreak, cities around the country have urged self-isolation in order to help flatten the curve and reduce transmission, resulting in shutdowns, layoffs, and a plummeting entertainment business. Now, celebrities are stepping up to help causes.

In the entertainment industry, promoters and managers have postponed and canceled tours, and festivals have been put on hold. With the situation and economy looking direr with each passing day, one celebrity is offering what help she can.  Madame Dee, she is sharing her talents, providing live streams of performances to keep her fans entertained.  Madame Dee a songstress from Los Angeles California who was singing in Las Vegas for years.  After five months, she believes that a fundraising show would be her way of helping a much need and relief in the community.  In March, she took a visit to see her mother too check on her because she lives so far away.  While attending to her mother covind 19 happen, the airlines stop, the world seemed to stop and she could not get back to her home in Los Angeles.  She has been preforming online on her Facebook page (Dwanna Parker / Madame Dee) in Durham NC.  She is finally coming back to Las Vegas to give a benefit concert at the Cork and Thorn to raise money for kids with autisms.


Madame Dee is call by her adoring fans, the Queen of Las Vegas because of her powerful voice and exuberant band and show.  She has been performing live at the Cork and Thorn in Las Vegas for years.  Her show has become legendary for the locals who rush to see her Sunday night show that is called “Soulful Sundays”   Yet on the ninth; she will not have her full band for this benefit concert.


Madame states “The outpouring of love and support from people all around the world through social media has been nothing short of inspiring. I see a shift in social media communication with more positive content cropping up than negative. I embrace doing my shows on social media and getting the great comments.  Yet my heart yearns to do a live show to support this cause.  While I will not be doing a regular show until the virus is under control, I will be doing a show at the Cork and Thorn for one night only August 9.  It will be shared on Facebook and my other social media sites.” With the situation and economy looking direr with each passing day, I am offering what help I can to my fans and the community while practicing social distance.”


This will be an unforgettable performance for a cause that is often overlooked.

The Show will be held Downtown Las Vegas – Sunday, August 9, 2020, from 5 pm to 8 pm at the Cork and Thorn, 70 W. Imperial Avenue Downtown Las  Vegas N.V  89102

For more info: Madame Dee Productions (323)-868-3585