Sensational Sculptures Art Exhibition Opens September 11, 2020, at Alpha Voyage Art Gallery.

Las Vegas, NV August 20, 2020 - In the exhibition ‘Sensational Sculptures,’ Andres Fragoso, Jr. Gallery Manager and Curator handpicked various sculptures from the vast collection of art at Alpha Voyage Gallery.

Each piece has been selected by Andres for the emotions elicited or the questions raised. Pieces include clay and ceramic bowls, bronze statues, and art that comes out of the walls or floats in the air as if by Art Magic and Imagination.


Las Vegas has a culture and Alpha Voyage knows how to show it. Jeffrey Skalny, the owner, has taken it upon himself to pick artists with great talent and vision. Artists must go through the scrutiny of questions and interviews to be considered.

When asked about the art exhibition, Andres said the following, “While curating each month’s events is both fun and a little stressful, I want to make sure that the pieces go with the theme and treat each piece with respect. I have found that sometimes combining art styles can be rejuvenating and brings out the best of people and their appreciation of art.”

Each artist is well-known to the general public because they have been seen in other venues, they have showcased their artwork in different cities and countries. It is an honor to showcase these artists at Alpha Voyage Gallery.


Some names you might recognize are Margaret DeClerk, Rob Callister, Jim Ryan, James Kuehne, Kim Johnson, Mel Johnson, Glynn Galloway, Lily the Potter, and always Carl Young.


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